Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Steps: Cleaning My Heart and Home – Day 10

Morning Routine
  • Read Your Bible
  • Get up and get dressed to lace-up shoes; fixing your hair and face
  • Look at your posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Go to the FlyLady BigTent group and read messages
  • Recognize the negative voices and change them. Remember, you are FLYing now!
  • Put out your Hot Spots for two minutes
  • Five-minute Room Rescue (pick any room in the house). Set your timer and go!
  • Spend 15 Minutes decluttering each day. You can’t organize clutter!
Before-Bed Routine
  • Keep your sink shining
  • Lay out your clothes for tomorrow
  • Put out your Hot Spot. It will make you happy in the morning!

Today we’re going to add another page to our control journals - “Inspiration” is its name. On this page your going to write down different things or phrases that inspire you! Here are some of Flylady’s:

  • You can do anything for 15 minutes
  • Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family
  • You can’t organize clutter; you can only get rid of it.

These are some of my own personal favorites:

  • Beauty without character is worthless – Mrs. Jenny Deatrick
  • Quitting is the only sure way to fail. – Mr. Craig Perkins
  • Live your life with Open Hands – Dr. Ernest Childs

One thing I do with my favorite quotes is write them on a 3x5 card and clip them on the fridge where I’m sure to see it and read it. Every so often I change what I have on the fridge and put the old card into a recipe box (I’ve probable got over 100 cards with quotes, verses and even some message outlines that really spoke to my heart). Doing something like this is a really good way to keep your heart on fire for the Lord and it is another reminder of what God is working on in your life.

So what do you do to keep you inspired? And what are some of your favorite quotes? I’d love for you to leave some in the comments section – I’m always adding new ones to my file! :)

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