Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Little More about Routines

I told you Saturday about my Morning Routines (you can read about those here if you missed it) Most of those routines came from Flylady.net but I have adjusted them to what works best for me. Today I wanted to tell you some more about my routines to help keep our house in order and everything (well, almost everything) running smoothly.

The second set of routines I wanted to tell you about are my “Before Bed Routines.” I start working on these as soon as I get home from work or, on days I don’t work, about 4ish in the afternoon and they go on right until I go to bed.


Here is the page from my Control Notebook – I’ll tell you more about how that works on another day – Notice that everything is written in pencil, that’s so that when I need to adjust my routines later on its a lot easier than re-writing a whole new page. Any ways here they are:

Before Bed Routine

  • Reboot Laundry – this is simply moving things from the washer to the dryer or drying rack.
  • Make/Eat Dinner & Drink water

DSC01527 These are my water bottles :) Yes, they are Simply Orange bottles (That’s Kenny’s favorite orange juice) the little one came from Chic-fil-a! Anyways, the new rule of thumb for drinking water is to drink half your weight in water ounces (if you weigh 100lbs you’d drink 50 oz of water per day) The larger bottle holds the exact amount of Fluid ounces I’m supposed to drink everyday – it stays in the fridge. The little bottle is what I refill all day – its easier to carry :)

  • Check Calendar
  • Finish Laundry – remember I only wash/dry/fold one load per day


  • Lay out clothes for tomorrow
  • Wash Face – did you know, ladies, when you don’t wash the make-up off of your face before bed it can add up to 13 days age to your skin? Not to mention your make-up is now on your pillow – yuck! Just for the record I’m not very good at doing this, so I tell myself the 13 day thing to make myself get up and go wash my face before bed.
  • Get to bed at a decent time – For me, a switch inside starts turning off the lights at 10pm. Kenny can’t stand it, he’s a night owl but when my pillow starts calling… its hard to resist!

Well that’s pretty much it for my Daily Routines. Nicole over at A Living Sacrifice said that her focus for next month was going to be establishing routines. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Now that I’ve started with my routines I think its the greatest and I want everyone to have them! Hope you’ll check out her blog, I know I will be.

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  1. Aw, thanks so much for the shout-out, Becky! I'm excited about it, too!