Monday, August 12, 2013

Kitchen Make-over

Before we moved into our house the Land-lord (that sounds weird calling them that because we go to church together and they are our friends…) asked me if I wanted the inside of the house painted any specific colors. Since they had to paint anyways it might as well be something I liked, right? Well I chose a Butter Yellow with White trim for most of the house.DSC01881 This picture was taken soon after we moved in so please excuse the poor quality :/

I also chose a specific color for the kitchen…. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I picked it but I did and it was bright…

Be forewarned!


Like I said… its bright! :) After about a month of the bright yellow it was time for something different (Sorry this is a really old project but one I thought you all might like to see)

DSC01916 Much calmer don’t you think? Oh, and we also got a new fridge, the old one died :( The plan now is to put some white open shelves on this wall for plates, cups, canisters and a few pretty things. That’s a project I’m hoping to have done before my parents come for a visit! {that was my subtle hint for Kenny, in case he’s reading this}

DSC01918Don’t you think this is a better color choice? It is just so peaceful and relaxing (compared to the above) and it looks great with the butter yellow and white that goes through the rest of the home. This is the same green that was used in the guest bathroom and, believe it or not, only one(1) gallon of paint was used for both rooms and there is still some for touch-ups later!

I am completely enjoying all the newness of decorating the house and turning it into Our Home! Can’t wait to show what’s next!


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  1. Lol "that was my subtle hint for Kenny, in case he’s reading this." But the kitchen looks great! Cheery but not 'hello yellow' cheery.